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Re: EpDis: Sic Transit Vir

I really liked it, always a romantic, I admit that sometimes I watch it just for the "near-miss" kiss. I also like the way Sheridan takes that guy out in the hallway! *sigh* What a guy...

Vir was just soooo cute in this episode! He bumbled and fumbled around, so insecure but so thrilled with the possibility that this beautiful woman was crazy about him... you could almost feel the butterflies in his stomach! And his love interest, with her sweet smile, gentile demeanor.... and that big, bad knife!!

I thought Claudia was good too, I thought she was believably tortured by dreams of her teeth falling out and showing in C & C naked!

Then there's Londo's bug, wasn't he great in that scene? He was going to get that sucker no matter what and I was just sitting there cheering him on! I hate bugs! I use a long swatter, though; there's no way I'm getting that close!
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