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Re: EpDis: Ceremonies Of Light And Dark

Guess what...I liked it! I gave it an "A"!

I loved this episode, and I know you're thinking I give them all an "A", but look what we have here!

Londo and Lord Refa sharing a cocktail, do you think Refa ever stopped at one before or was it something Londo said? The scene is just excellent!

I also loved Marcus in this one and his: "Bugger, now I'm going to have to wait for one of them to wake up..." And the computer thing is cute, from "peekaboo" to the attitude, it's just cute! My computer has an attitude, too!

Then there's Lennier... poor Lennier, my heart just broke for him! He finally said it, something we all knew...he loves Delenn, but she's destined for someone else... something else we all knew. Not that I was ever against Delenn and John getting together, I love that relationship...but I was sad for him.

And the best for last: Delenn put herself between that knife and Sheridan, and then he went after that guy! My heart just stopped beating!

Sorry, this one gets an "A", too!
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