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Re: EpDis: Severed Dreams

I guess the EA Captain just wasn't suicidal.

It is worth remembering that anyone who had been around long enough to have reached a rank that would put them in command of a task force (and likely even any of the individual ships, at least the bigger warships) would also have been around long enough to have been a veteran of the Minbari War. They would *know* that their force had absolutely no chance of even putting up a tough fight against Delenn's force.

The only way to "test" her resolve, beyond just claiming juristiction and trying to order her away (which already had failed), would involve firing on either her ships or the station. Once that happened, Delenn's resolve wouldn't be an issue. Her ships would return fire as a matter of course. Once *that* happened the EA force was as good as dead .... and all of the EA command level officers *knew* it.
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