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Re: EpDis: Point Of No Return

"In the end, if you have failed all the others, you must give in to your greatest fear"

Londo's greatest fear, articulated from the very first regular episode and repeatedly referred to thereafter is his death at G'Kar's hands. Accepting the Keeper doesn't fit the bill. A writer of JMS's calibre doesn't set something like that up without having it pay off. Also remember that we see the end of Londo's story in S3, and JMS had to shape the story so it could wrap in S4 with a coda in the form of "SiL". Londo accepting the Keeper would have taken place off screen entirely. Odd way to plot a narrative.

Londo fails in his attempt to free Sheridan, "the one who is already dead", and must then at the last face what has always beeh his greatest fear, but is now transformed into something else - death at G'Kar's hands, the only way to prevent the Keeper from waking up and killing Sheridan. Don't forget, the prophecy doesn't indicate one way or the other if it is talking about Londo's greatest fear at the time of his death or his greatest fear at the time he receives the prophecy. In any case if accepting the Keeper is his greatest fear it hardly comes "at the last", but rather 17 years before his demise.


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