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Re: EpDis: Point Of No Return

What Londo should have done, in order to both save his world and to avoid succumbing to his own desire for revenge, would be to nuke Selini and then send Morden off to the other Shadows with Londo's message: hands off Centauri Prime.
And the Shadows would have agreed, cowering to Londo's "message?"

And Lady Morella never said that Londo will accomplish one and only one of his chances. Nor did she say, "succumb to what will be your greatest fear at the time of when it happens," nor can we assume it wasn't his greatest fear just because he was noble enough to conquer it for a moment.

Surrending to the Keeper is not his greatest fear because he didn't even know it existed up until right before he put it on. The G'Kar thing has been haunting him all his life.
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