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Re: EpDis: Point Of No Return

The flaw in your argument KF is that Morden wasn't dead, he was near death and repaired by the Shadows. The Shadows aren't capable of bringing someone back to life when they are dead.

Londo chose not to Kill Sheridan, so, if Sheridan had gotten away before the Keeper awoke, Londo would've been saved. But, the Keeper woke up and would've killed Sheridan. So, in order to "Not kill the man who was already dead" Londo had to surrender himself to his greatest fear. He had dnightmares of being killed by G'Kar all his life, that fear never went away, he accepted his fate, but, never relished it. And I feel he also feared leaving the fate of his people in someone else's hands, as he was doing by allowing G'Kar to kill him.
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