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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

I found the plot incredible that the virtually omniscient, and certainly telepathic, Vorlons should have "doubts" or even need confirmation after all they had done to set up Sinclair, Delenn and Sheridan to maintain the order of the universe as they saw it.
jms said, "...the test was in some ways (most, actually) more for Delenn's benefit than Kosh's...."

Yes, that's what I thought. This was not so much of a test as a tempering of Delenn, and Sheridan. The Inquisitor's purpose was to get them to realize the personal, and human (or Minbari) reasons for their actions, not the philosophical and altruistic ones. It is on the gut level that one must survive the hardest times, that they were to face.
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