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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

I give the episode a B, not for any lack in the acting, but I guess more the tone and premise. JMS with his psychology major loves to rip open the human psyche for emotional and values exploration, especially with the prisoner format. The only humor I saw in the episode was Lennier attempting to explain or defend Kosh's request in front of Sheridan. I doubt very much whether the Vorlons believe any of that impure motive yields impure results stuff.

I found the plot incredible that the virtually omniscient, and certainly telepathic, Vorlons should have "doubts" or even need confirmation after all they had done to set up Sinclair, Delenn and Sheridan to maintain the order of the universe as they saw it. If Kosh had approached Sheridan to be the prisoner he probably would have told Kosh to stick it. Sheridan was quite prepared to go off and take on the Shadows single handed.

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