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Could have been a game involving rock, scizzors and paper. Perhaps the fortress was uniquely equipped to deal with orbital opponents (enough to force the Earth starship to stay outside its field of view) and low-altitude aerial attack/landing *was* sensible?

We weren't really told.

Nor can we make much assumptions about the mines used in the proposed time and place (the cost of clearing them, or the feasibility of clearing them with robotic vehicles). Might have been excessively smart mines, refusing to detonate for anything which EarthForce could quickly send to clear them.

One thing seems sure, though... given how apparently close the helicopter-like thingies got, I would suspect the fortress *could* have been leveled with a cruise missile or drone carrying some suitable weapon of mass destruction.

Then again, there could be an explanation to that not happening -- like such an option being politically difficult.
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