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I don't get how everyone figured nuking is such an easy option. What if they need to inhabit the place in a few days? Even a neutron bomb spreads radiation for a time, doesn't it?
Yeah, agreed, point taken. I think I used the term "nuke" flippantly. What I meant was bomb the fotress from orbit, using whatever weaponry was appropriate.

I remember reading in New Scientist that the US military were trying to make a "gamma-ray bomb". I forget the details, but it wouldn't destroy the infrastructure like a nuclear weapon would, but it would kill anyone living in the vicinity, and wouldn't leave any radiation behind. Maybe a weapon like that could have been an option.

It also depends what is outlawed. Mass drivers were outlawed. Of course, they could wreak real destruction. But maybe other forms of bombardment from orbit were outlawed too. Remember in The Fall of Centauri Prime, the Narn and Drazi forces just use their beam weapons on the planet, not missiles or asteroids or nukes or anything. Maybe in the attack on Akdor, Earthforce weren't even allowed to use any serious weaponry from orbit, which meant they had to go for a direct infantry attack.
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