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GROPOS was written by Lawrence G. DiTillio

But, being an Army veteran there were some glaring glitches. When Sheridan, Garibaldi and Ivanova report to the initial briefing and General Franklin orders “at ease” Sheridan and Ivanova assume the proper position, but Garibaldi puts his hands in his pockets, a definite no-no. (If a Soldier stands around with his hands in his pockets, he might suffer a rude joke.)
Garibaldi did not get to be an NCO by not knowing how to stand at attention in the presence of an officer. There is another way of reading Garibaldi keeping his hands in his pockets. He is saying, "I may wear a uniform but I am a civilian. Military officers cannot give me orders."

Garibaldi is head of Babylon 5 Security rather than its military police. Sheridan can give Garibaldi orders because he is Governor of Babylon 5. Civilians can choose to obey instructions given by a general.
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