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Re: EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

There is also a little thing called "hiring the actor that you think will do the best job playing the character". Brother Edward gave BD the chance to play both sides of the coin at the same time - don't forget, we never actually see the serial killer character except in a few brief shots of vid from the trial and a brief flashback.

The character that we see, and the character that BD plays pretty much throughout the episode, is the "reformed" Brother Edward, not Charles Dexter.

If you want your audience to believe that the gentle, deep thinking and humble man you see before you was once a vicious serial murderer then you need to hire an actor who can pull that off in just a few very short scenes. Dourif did that very very well ... and the fact that we have seen him play that type of character before probably helped that along.
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