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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

I think G'Kar was much better off going solo, but had Na'Toth stayed. . .

I think she would have been a strong reminder of his past regrets. His warmongering, his scheming, his "reputed fascination with Earth women" -- all of it.
I do not think she would have bought into the idea of G'Kar being a spiritual leader, still tending to believe nothing, and she would have been even more angered by her people's obsession with G'Kar.
I think she would have laughed her way out of the room the same way G'Kar did in "Into the Fire," if she would have met that "Our reverance is our gift to you" Narn from "Objects in Motion."
Though I do not think she would have lasted until Season 5. Had she stayed, I think she would have faced certain death as a martyr for G'Kar's freedom.

Something interesting about G'Kar was the price on his head that the Centauri government placed. This issue was brought up when he left the station to find Garibaldi, but it never played a factor when he was on Babylon 5.
It would be kind of a comic book idea, and it was definitely good writing to leave this line of thinking out, but I could envision some Centauri bounty hunters going after G'Kar, and Na'Toth getting killed in the process.

That is just the way I saw it. JMS probably had something much better planned had Na'Toth stayed.
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