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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

Londo asking Vir to go to Minbar was a way to get the actor out of the show.
I think it did far more than just get Vir out of the show for a while. It set Vir up to have a position in which he could create Abrahamo Lincolni and help Narns escape from the Centauri, which really developed Vir's character. Compared to other characters, Vir is a minor character. I like that it developed him more, and that his becoming ambassador to Minbar reveals a lot about how much Londo cares for Vir despite how much he'll openly insult Vir to his face.

But hey, you like the probe plot more, so it's good then that there are parts to this episode that we both enjoy even if they're not the same parts.
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