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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

...the probe story was one of the better storylines in this one .The rest was just filler for the storyline .
I'm confused about your comment.

You think the part about Londo asking Delenn for a favor to get Vir to be the ambassador to Minbar, which reveals Londo's seeing himself in a dark place getting darker and his subsequent desiring to keep Vir safe from that darkness, or the part of G'Kar struggling with how to best lead his people now after they've been conquered yet again by the Centauri -- whether to stay free under sanctuary on B5 and lead or to return home to Narn and allow himself to be taken into custody to try to keep various Narn families safe -- to be filler? And you think that the probe storyline was better than Londo's and G'Kar's storylines?
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