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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

Well what would Draal do, refuse?

I know that Draal isn't supposed to be used all the time, etc and so forth, but there have been plenty of situations where he could have lent a little assistance without interfering with Earth politics and such. With the Great Machine, JMS wrote in a Deus Ex Machina and then didn't use simply because it would have killed the story, yet there is often no logical reason story-wise not to.
I got the impression that one of the major problems with using the Great Machine in the story was Draal himself. Having already re-cast the role once, JMS was then confronted with the reality of having given the role to a gifted theatre actor who was very often unavailable due to other commitments.

Draal was, of course, supposed to be in WWE but when the time came John Schuck was starring in a production of Hello Dolly (I think) on Broadway and was unable to take part. The role of the GM was clearly written so that Draal was integral to its use, so ... no Draal, no GM.

Here is one post from JMS on the subject (I have no idea what the issues was raised by the initial poster.

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