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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

Captain Sheridan is responsible for the 250,000 people on Babylon 5. Why did those lives matter so much in "Severed Dreams" as Sheridan put the station at risk, but not here facing an even greater risk?
I don't understand this comment. It is certainly because he cared about the lives on board the station that he didn't send the probe. And it's perfectly in tune with his personality. Remember that before the Earth/Minbari war, Sheridan's life and career were unremarkable. He made a name for himself when facing the destruction of his ship at the hands of a Minbari battleship. Sheridan becomes some sort of military and strategic genius when the pressure is greatest (possibly the character is named after Civil War general Philip Sheridan?).

It's not as if he said, "Hey, you know what would be funny, if we didn't send the info, lol rotflmao!!" He thought it through and concluded that not sending it was correct. It would have been more risky to actually send it.

The "valid and strong reason" for Franklin's addiction is that he fell into the trap of routine and self-denial. The choice of drug was due to his OCD work ethic but both the draw towards addiction and the over-working come from the same loss of spirit, which is as tragic as any of the grand operatic drama things. Sheridan and Ivanova are our opera characters, Garibaldi and Franklin are our regular guys, and it's a good balance.
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