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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife


As for the probe, I think the whole point was to demonstrate Sheridan's analytical and stretegic abilities, nothing more.

And Garibaldi also makes a point of this during the episode.

Back to the episode ratings, I give it a C, because its not a poor episode, but it is a bit dull. Good to see Ta'Lon back with his nifty sword. I think they gave the character a sword because Marshall Teague is a nut about swords, and he was allowed to get the sword designed to his own specifications.

As for the Beserker, I don't think Sheridan jumped to the decision at the last minute, he was probably mulling over it for the course of the episode. But yeah, the probe storyline wasn't that strong, and if it couldn't have been though out better, it shouldn't really have been used.

As for the stims, they are perfectly legal in the B5 universe, so Franklin wasn't being irresponsible taking them every now and then. Franklin didn't need a personal tragedy to begin to abuse himself (although as we find out later with the walkabout, he had a lot or personal issues bubbling under). He probably used them for most of his life in a perfectly safe manner, but when work got on top of him (I think Confessions and Lamentations is when he really starts using them a lot; remember the Markab doctor telling him that too many stims weren't good for him, but Franklin was in a position where he really didn't have much choice) he started using them more and more. And Franklin seemd to be in denial about a lot of things to do with his personal life, so this was just another thing he added to the list. It was just something he had to sort out for himself.
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