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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

I went with a B. Despite my loving all the Narn and Centauri stuff in this episode, the rather bland other plot of the probe only interested me via Franklin's meltdown.

I like that we get to see Ta'Lon again. Londo trying to distance Vir to keep him safe from the darkness Londo is finding himself in is endearing adding a nice shade of grey to Londo's character considering that Londo just got done earlier telling Vir that the Centauri can't just defeat the Narn but have to break them after Londo's questioning of Na'Far regarding work camps and executions on the Narn homeworld. But ultimately for me, this episode rests on G'Kar. His struggles as the only remaining member of the Narn leaders still capable of doing anything for his people is the most important part of this episode for me.
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