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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

I also suspect that Delenn and Sheridan viewed Sebastian as "the most extreme," i.e. the worst the Vorlons were willing to do. It was a test, they knew it was a test -- and I really doubt they felt Sebastian was spouting the Vorlon party line. In fact I'm not sure they believed anything he said or argued for until the very end when he told them they had passed. It took the form of very, very extreme Socratic questioning. Such a questioner/inquistor does not necessarily believe what he is saying at any point: he's making sure that the person under examination is doing "the right thing."

As for cruelty -- well, the Minbari and Delenn in particular had some experience with "being cruel to be kind." Witness their terrible choice about heeding G'Kar's warnings or not.

Sebastian was probably, to their minds, either a sadistic Socrates or practicing a sort of necessary brutality. As they did not know the true Vorlon agenda, any excesses Sebastian carried out could have easily been explained away. And considering how desperate the Conspiracy of Light was for backup, the excesses would have been glossed over in any way possible.
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