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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

I personally... perceive this episode as a failure. Acting can be fine, but when the scenario is implausible... it won't help.

It seems utterly implausible that even a person/persons desperate for an ally... would not reject, and indeed take a very long distance from an "ally", should mentioned "ally" demonstrate their spectrum of accepted methods towards a potential supporter (not to speak of neutrals or enemies)... with this kind of striking clarity.

While the rest of the series depicts Delenn and Sheridan as fairly intelligent persons... this episode, in rather steep contrast, paints them as simpletons, unable to connect two dots, or conclude that a corrupt ally is worthless.

Fully aware that characters are *not* supposed to think even slightly like a viewer... this part of story leaves me confused as to how provocations, actions and conflicts have consequences during most other times, but not during this episode.

I watched the episode alright. (There never was an epsisode of Babylon 5 which I'd have skipped of disinterest.) But how the story proceeded before, and proceeds after this episode... seems notably disconnected from the conflicts and fissures depicted during this episode.

It's almost like someone had pressed a "Reset" button immediately after the ending credits.
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