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Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle

This is a brilliant episode. I love the battles between the Narn and the Shadows, Londo watching the Centauri pummel the Narn homeworld, and Londo and G'Kar's confrontation in the council chambers afterwords. Fabulous stuff.

The riot in the Zocalo is rather comical though, and the extras brought in to play the Rangers in the final scene don't really look the type to be highly trained, spiritual warriors preparing for the war against the Shadows, but that's just a minor quibble.

One thing that had always puzzled me though. The great 'Forbidden Planet'-esque chambers in Epsilon 3 seem to have had a makeover since season 1. Are we to assume that Draal redecorated, of did the SFX people forget what it looked like? I much preferred the season 1 look. Also, its gone from being five miles below the surface to just three miles.
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