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Re: EpDis: Divided Loyalties

Actually I put the blame for that scene squarely at the feet at JMS, although I agree it doesn't help that its one of Pat Tallman's lines. Sometimes JMS can do funny stuff, like in Sic Transit Vir, but a lot of the time I presonally found JMS' 'jokes' to be a bit lacking, and in this case, it seemed inappropriate. I know JMS probably just wanted to lighten the mood, but it seemed over the top. However, if we go back to Divided Loyalties, when Garibaldi pretends to react to Lyta's password, and even the bit where Sheridan and Delenn talk about Delenn's "gaps in her vocabulary" they are both subtle and appropriate and not over the top, and help lighten the episode up.

Then again, people always tell me I've got no sense of humour, so what do I know?!
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