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Re: EpDis: Confessions And Lamentations

And as Enlightened_GKar spoke on, the Markab are aliens, which includes alien sociology and psychology, which could partially explain why they wouldn't behave in the exact same way an equally large group of humans would behave
Very good points. However it's obvious that none of you have ever seen Star Trek. If you had you'd realize that all alien psychology is extrapolatable to human thought processes.

Ever see the move "And the Band Played On"? The men and women trying to understand and fight the AIDS virus were seriously held back because they were in a minority and had little pull with the men who dole out the money for such things.

Yes. Yes I did. Excellent HBO flick with Alan Alda. In fact I lived through that period while I was going through college and medical school. There was resistance but it only took them 3 or 4 years to break through. Eventually the AIDS epidemic was appreciated for what it was/is. NOT a homosexual curse but a seriously fucked-up communicable dz. Sure people still hang on to their prejudices but the pervasive societal blinders only lasted a few years. With the Markab we're talking tens of generations.
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