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Re: EpDis: Confessions And Lamentations

Powerful stuff. The shot of the near-dead Markab reaching for Garibaldi's aide is extremely poignant. Good writing by having the characters adapt to a situation that is out of their control as well as understanding.

Though it may seem implausible to us Humans, it is quite possible that an intelligent, spacefaring race is so capable of religious fanaticism. Though, this was not meant to be the focus of the show. Sure, the viewer could get caught up on the innerworkings of the Markab soul, but the beauty of this episode was meant to display our characters fighting against an atypical opponent -- a pestilence.

(Not that you are wrong for questioning the Markab's devout fanaticism, I just think that the viewer was left with a complete lack of details regarding the inside practices of the Markab. Ease your rancor for the Markab's blind religiousness by thinking that some agnostic/atheistic Markab ignored the religious ideas centered around the plague, whatever. We just do not know enough about: the blackplot, the culture, and the species to determine what the Markab would and would not do.)

Anyway, this episode does what possibly no other TV show has done in history -- kill the kid. Tribute should be given to JMS for this heartless stroke, because it makes the pay-off that much better. The total biological genocide occurs, and it is truly shocking.

This could easily be an A.
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