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Re: EpDis: Confessions And Lamentations

So you are saying they deserve to die Mr. Swallow?

I gave the ep a B. It was good but I just don't believe it. The WHOLE ENTIRE race, every single person, ignores this fatal disease and lives with their superstition that eventually kills them? I mean, come on. They were smart enough to develop advanced medicine and join the other spacefaring races. I can't believe that billions of people, EVERY ONE, could be so short sighted. It makes no sense at all and makes the whole race look like a bunch of idiots. I absolutely can't believe it's true. I liked the ep but it's just too over to top to buy so I can't give it an A.

The blind religious faith of the Markab annoyed me. I guess this is why I hated "Believers" too. I have a low tolerance for people who blindly let religion dictate their choices in life.
I feel the same way, and never liked Believers. It was a good ep too, and can totally happen (in fact it does), but it bothers me a lot.
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