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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

The fact that both of Sinclair's girlfriends, Carolyn Sykes and Catherine Sakai, were set up as interplanetary prospectors is too great a coincidence to ignore. We had already seen (in Parliament of Dreams?) that Sakai could be reckless and not heed G'Kar's warning. If things had not changed, G'Kar probably would've ended up commenting on that. Also, Sinclair was set to get married at the end of Season 1, then *poof* no Sakai ever again (on TV anyway), but on the second episode of Season 2, JMS quickly plots out the "death" of Sheridan's wife. If Sinclair had stayed, Sakai could have disappeared in early Season 2 on a mission, one that IPX would deny any knowledge of, and returned a year later. I think it would have been a much better payoff than the ultimate usage of Sheridan's wife (just like Takashima shooting Garibaldi in the back after a full season on the show would've blown our friggin' minds).
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