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Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey

And the guy who plays the Earthforce special agent who's come to find the Doctor puts in a terrible performance.
My problem with him is part performance, part writing.

I so agree. Especially the big climatic scene. There he is, the tech says that Kosh's ship is ready to leave, and Sheridan tells the tech to tell Kosh's ship to stand by. And then they do their big ass whole-station scan and find nothing. Then either Sheridan or Ivanova tells the tech to go ahead and let Kosh's ship launch, and Kosh's ship goes on, gets near the jumpgate, the tech updates C&C that the ship is preparing to jump, and the agent just goes off. "I was NOT informed of a launch!" The way he says it makes me roll my eyes it's just so overdone. And it's like, why don't you know about the launch, were you not freaking paying attention to what the people around you were doing right in front of your eyes the past couple of minutes? No wonder you can't find the doctor!
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