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As for the complete non-relevance of the war .. reminds me a bit of the times there have been US military strikes on the news outside of reported conflicts that just seemed so .. random. Though this was a bit .. big for random, yes.
I rewatched this episode recently, I having read of others mentioning how irrelevant it was to other things, I was actually surprised to find that there are a few lines in the episode that make it relevant (though not super-relevant; it was connected, I guess you could say).

General Franklin tells Sheridan that the world that he's taking the GROPOS to help squash a rebellion at is in a strategic position. In helping the government of that planet put down the rebellion, Earth is going to get the right to establish a military presence there. And that that planet is quite near both Narn and Centauri space. So should the Centauri-Narn War get to a point that Earth would have to full-on take part of, that planet would be a serious base for Earth's forces.
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