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Re: EpDis: All Alone In The Night

Yeah, it would have been cool if Ta'Lon had actually done something as Sheridan's bodyguard, but that didn't come about until the third season anyway. I don't think any of us expected to see Ta'Lon again after this episode. I like how B5 develops characters from seemingly insignificant beginnings- just look at Corwin and Zack.

I like this episode, although the sets on the Streib's spaceship look extremely cheap, but nevermind. It had lots of action and mystery, and a revelation at the end. I'd probably rate it somewhere between C+ and B-, so being charitable I'll give it a B.

I still don't completely understand Sheridan's dream though, and I thought the explanation of it in Shadow Dancing seemed a bit rushed. Maybe its meant to remain vague, like most dreams usually are. One part of the dream that puzzles me is the part with Sheridan in the Psi Corps uniform. Now, in Shadow Dancing Ivanova reckoned that it was because they were working with Bester. But, they worked with Bester for what?- the entirety of two whole episodes, and even then Bester was working against the B5 crew in secret in Epiphanies (using Garibaldi). So to me that part of the dream sequence doesn't fit. Does anybody else have any other suggestions?
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