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and I could never see the attraction of Dodger.
Cute, ass-kicking fiesty red-head. Amongst the top three hottest chick characters to guest star on B5 (along with Number One and Franklin's singer).
Yeah, I liked Dodger. I'm not sure about the "top 3", though. Naturally this is a matter of personal taste, but I also liked Julie Catlin Brown when she came back to guest as a human (Sheridan's appointed lawyer).

isn't a bit cheesy that everyone we met died?
On the other hand, it isn't necessarily unrealistic. Most of them were in the same squad. It looked like they had gotten caught in a "killing zone" area (probably approaching the fortifications); *lots* of corpses in a very small area. It happens. Whole units can get wiped out pretty easily if they get caught in a spot like that. That has been true since at least the American Civil War (much before that the weaponry just wasn't efficient enough).
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