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But if the alternative is some B5-esque free-for-alls, I'd prefer not to see them.
The problem was that doing a *good* street riot or bar brawl scene (or even small scale hand-to-hand fight) is a very time consuming (and therefore expensive) proposition. B5 never had either the budget or the time in their shooting schedule to do those thngs up right. So those fights go on the list of things that, for the sake of the good story that they're telling us, you just forgive that as having been a a concession to budget limitations (like a lot of the sets, for example).

So when I watch the Susan's bar brawl in Eyes, my "willing suspension of disbelief" kicks in and I choose see an example of what a badass Susan is when provoked (which is what all of dialog and acting choices seem to be telling us). If I took what I actually saw Susan doing in that fight as the true indicator of her prowess, I would have to conclude that she missed every hand-to-hand lesson in all of her military training and had also never been much of an athlete in general. She looks awful in that fight (as does everyone else involved).

I'm not sure whether BSG would have the resources to do one of those scenes well.
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