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The extended synopsis from the Lurker's Guide says Lise.

Garibaldi takes Dodger to his quarters, where they are barely able to keep their hands off of each other. They sit down on the bed, and prepare to continue, but before they go any further, Garibaldi explains the troubles he has had recently, with Lise and his near-death after being shot by his aide. He tells her that, if she is the one for him, he doesn't want to ruin it by going too fast. She gets up and explains her situation to him. "You know, I didn't come here expecting to set up housekeeping. I'm a ground pounder. I'm cleaning latrines one day, the next I might be up to my hips in blood, hoping that I don't hear the round that takes me out. You got it? In between, I like to try to see what I can get, to remind myself that I'm alive. Right, it's not romance, but it's all I got time for. I'm so sorry it's not enough for you." He tries to call after her as she leaves, but she won't speak to him.
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