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Re: EpDis: Soul Mates

Yes, the station telepath was meant to be an action role, probably including physical fighting.
Well if that's true than it makes to hire a stuntperson like Pat Tallman.

Makes one wonder why they didn't hire another one like her and instead went with someone so different in Thompson.

There is an interview with Claudia Christian somewhere out there, in which she points out (to paraphrase) that Andrea Thompson brought a kind of vulnerable sexuality and helplessness to the role that wasn't there anywhere in the script.

I'm afraid I tend to agree with that assessment.. I find it annoying..
Yeah, see, I like that a lot, I guess that's the difference.

And it's not as if Talia was some helpless damsel in distress- she exhibited a real attitude when she fought off Bester with the underground telepaths. Plus, her external demeanor could be very "ice queen," so the vulnerability played well off of it. It was a nice compliment to Ivanova's "tough as nails" personality and having that balance on the show was neat (as well as he third feminine element- a character becoming more "womanly"- Delenn).
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