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Re: EpDis: Soul Mates

As for Talia, I prefer her to Lyta, I think Andrea Thompson is a much better actress than Pat Tallman.

Lyta is better as a character simply because she's the one who's arc gets carried out to where the story needed it to go. She just happens to be the show's telepath when the most exciting events in the series happen.

But if you look at their work, Thompson is just such a stronger actress. For one thing- she can actually act! Tallman's delivery of jokes is so corny and obvious. She has no sense of grace and subtlety. Her only strong on-screen moments as an actress are at the end of season 5, when she's ultra-powerful badass, because that demands a lack of subtlety, and her sharp features and red hair help that image.

Andrea's Thompson's smooth, silky way of speaking and acting make the flirting with Garibaldi fun. Her sensuousness makes the Ironheart thread (which was just made-up to replace Tallman's absence in the first place) actually believable. Her dealing with that murderer (who was gonna get his brain wiped) was engaging and intense, wereas had Tallman done it it would have been awkward to watch.
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