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Re: EpDis: Soul Mates

I think the Stoner thing (GOTTA love the name) would have meant more had Talia stayed and turned into the Lyta character. She sure did sleep around though, didn't she? Kinda makes me wish I'd met her.

And the three wife thing? Perfect!! Pure gold IMHO. It DEFINES Londo and the Centauri. It was perfect.

(plus bald chicks turn me on)

Also, here is the first time you begin to realize that Londo is suffering from dimentia. I mean SERIOUSLY. You can choose one wife of three: An ugly bitch who hates you, an even uglier bitch who hates you even more and is even MORE ambitious than you; and a hot chick with a great body and lips that obviously want to encompase cylindrical objects who wants to please you as much as she can.

Hmmmmmmm...... Let me THINK.

Your choice.
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