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Re: EpDis: The Long Dark

For example, that episode where he finds the alien healing machine (that eventually saves Ivonava and does Marcus in), he's pretty into that blond chick, what was her name, ... uh... damn, I can't remember her name, but the episode was The Quality of Mercy. He had chemistry with her.
You think so? Personally, I thought the blonde woman that Franklin connected with in "The Quality of Mercy" was as at least as emptily acted the entire time as Mariah was at points in "The Long Dark." I've always had problems seeing an unforced connection between the blonde woman and Franklin when I watch the episode. That it happens is fine script-wise, but in terms of intercharacter interaction, I have considerable trouble believing it. But don't get me wrong, Mariah in "The Long Dark" had moments that didn't go over well for me too.

As for the Soldier of Darkness, at the time I first saw this episode, I thought it was wicked cool. But now having gone through the whole series, the Soldier -- in terms of its size and look -- kinda suck next to the Shadows. I do very much love the ominousness about the discovery about the Copernicus having drifted toward the world and how the Soldier got onboard and was using it to get to Z'ha'dum.

Schultz did do a great job performing his character and is one of the best guest characters in the first two seasons.

Overall, I do like the episode considerably, especially for how ominous it is.
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