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Re: EpDis: The Long Dark

I give it a B as well, though would also like to assign a B+ if possible. It was certainly a good episode and I do like the way Schultz created his character. However I felt that Mariah was not only a bad actress but an unbelievable character. Her husband just died, everyone she ever knew is dead, and now she's responding to Franklin's advances? Plus I think that the fact that Franklin even hit on her is just too far out of character. Ok, maybe it was the ‘stims’ and I can see that making him horny enough to forgo better judgment, but still. I never really believed that they were into each other. Maybe if casting would have chosen someone who Franklin really had chemistry with, but she just didn't do it. It's not like they can't find the person. For example, that episode where he finds the alien healing machine (that eventually saves Ivonava and does Marcus in), he's pretty into that blond chick, what was her name, ... uh... damn, I can't remember her name, but the episode was The Quality of Mercy. He had chemistry with her. But Ms. Johnson was just a sucky actress and could not pull it off IMHO. She never seemed even a little bit attracted to him. Plus the fact that her husband just died. And WOW, what kind of trip is THAT? "We were having martial problems so we decided to put ourselves in suspended animation and shoot ourselves into space." Now THERE is an novel attempt to save a marriage!!! I don't buy it. Most couple just get divorced or have a kid. Oh well. What do I know about marriage counseling anyways?
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