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Re: EpDis: Revelations

I like this episode. There was a real sense of impending doom during the first half of season 2 that I really liked, and this episode really epitomises that. I love watching the teaser, with G'Kar fleeing Z'Ha'Dum. You get the sense that something really bad is going on there.

And a heck of a lot happens in this episode. Londo's getting deeper into his deal with the devil without really realising what he is doing. Morden comes off as really creepy (like usual) "One thing at a time Ambassador... one thing at a time." Very chilling, especially watching Londo's reaction.

But yeah, Sheridan's sister really does spoil it. She is such a plot device, I remember the director Joe Johnston saying he wanted to cut out that scene with Sheridan and his sister at the restaurant, but JMS wouldn't let him. I can understand why he wanted to cut it out too, it slows the pace, and the important stuff that is said is repeated in Sheridan's quarters later anyway.

And then Delenn comes out of her cocoon. I'm still not sure if her transformation benefitted her character or not. It took away some of her alien qualities but on the other hand she became more interesting in other ways.

The main problem with this episode is that there is so much going on, there's no singular 'A' plot running through the episode for everything else to branch off and give things some structure, and that prevents it from becoming a memorable episode. Instead, its just a very good episode.
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