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Re: EpDis: Revelations

It's a good episode I suppose, although really its only purpose is to tie up all the loose threads left over from Chrysalis and impose the new status quo.

I find the character of Lizzy a little cringe-making, partly because she's completely dropped from the story after this. Her sole purpose seems to be to introduce the audience to the concept of Anna, but it still seems odd that Sheridan only mentions her again only once in 'There All the Honor Lies' (although perhaps not that surprising, given they hadn't spoken for 2 years prior to this).

We see the inside of hyperspace for the very first time in the series in this episode!! And it's also the first of Mary Kay Adams' 2 appearances as Na'Toth..

The bit I like most is G'Kar pleading to be taken seriously by the council.. If only they'd listened to him then, perhaps the shadow war would have started prematurely, and billions more people would have died. Poor G'Kar.
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