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Re: EpDis: Points Of Departure

Nah, I don't like the Minbari-centric episodes much.

And this one quite sensibly doesn't resolve any of the cliffhangers from Chrysalis and just focuses on introducing Sheridan. But I think the whole 'Sheridan is not Sinclair because the Minbari hate him' thing is a bit overdone. And his fetish for oranges and showing his teeth too. Still, it's amazing how much his character changes over the years.

Also, this episode commits the cardinal sin (in my book) of going through all the buildup to a battle that then doesn't happen, or happens offscreen, or in your imagination. That used to be DS9's favourite budget-saving trick..

This may be Jerry Doyle's favourite episode but not mine.. I'd still give it a C, though.
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