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The Minbari suck

The Minbari are a bunch of punks.

- They start a war over a mistake. They knew it was a mistake. Delenn and others were complaining about the war and oh gosh what a shame, but everyone just ran around saying how it was too late to stop it and they had to see it to the end. Bullshit- stop it, that's called leadership. If they were able to stop the fighting after kidnapping Sinclair, they could have done it before (the Grey Council never said why they surrendered anyway).

- The war was a "holy war." Also known, in some circles, as a Crusade, or a jihad. That is some scary shit. Religious fanaticism used for violence. This makes Delenn and the Grey Council a bunch of evil war criminals no better than Osama Bin Laden.

- Some people think Sheridan and Londo are "arrogant." What about Delenn and Shaal Mayan complaining about how contemptable humans are because some of them plotted to kill ambassadors. The events of the Gathering should have taught them to shut the hell up about blaming a race for the actions of one bad apple.
(I also don't remember if Deathwalker happened before that, which really speaks badly for them)

- Look at how they manipulated Sinclair and Sheridan. Man, I don't know how they put up with that shit.

- They hate Sheridan because he blew up their flagship. Um.. hello.. they were trying to annihilate their entire civilisation?!
If someone tried to kill me, you bet your ass I won't be following some BS code of "honor."
(which is why I don't like Franklin's decision not to help create a biological weapon, but that's another issue)

- When a couple of them find out that Valen is Sinclair, they're afraid of telling everyone because it would violate their sense of "purity." Uh.. purity of the race... yes, that sounds eerily familiar.

Fuck the Minbari.
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