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Re: EpDis: The Quality Of Mercy

A very nice episode. Maybe it seems a bit out of place between after a short run of slightly wacky sci-fi-ish episodes, and right before Chrysalis. But of course that's deceptive - its a big arc episode itself, introducing the healing machine and the whole Centauri 'attributes' thing - both major components of the B5 story.

The scenes involving Londo and Lennier are priceless.

The A plots are a little cheesy for my taste, but its nice how they tie together like that at the end. I think some of the best B5 episodes are the low-key ones where several separate story threads are unfolding independently. It really helps to reinforce the illusion of B5 as a living, breathing place, where not everything revolves around 'plot device of the week'
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