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Re: EpDis: A Voice In The Wilderness Part 1

What really bothers me about the Great Machine is that they didn't know it was there. There just happened to be one of the most powerful and mysterious devices in the galaxy sitting little right under the station and- oops- no one had the foggiest notion. Ok.
Yeah, I know, LOL!! It was like, "Oh, wow, the biggest most powerful in the machine in the world? Right here? And we have access to it? BRILLIANT!!"

The odd thing is that one of the Zathras brothers did not take Draal to Babylon 5.
I don't understand this statement. Why would a Zathras brother transport Draal to B5 from the Minbari homeworld? Do you mean why didn't a Zathras brother transport the dying Varn from the planet to the station instead of leaving it up to Ivanova and Sinclair to go down to the planet and bring him back?
The way I reconciled this was that either 1) Zathras took care of the machine as was pretty much unaware of the Keeper, or, being able to travel through time Zathras knew that Susan and Sinclair would remove him and that Draal would take his place. Besides, the keeper was burnt out. There was nothing they could have done for him on B5 even if Zathras did bring him up there.

I like that Londo does manage to start doing some good things in late season 4 and early season 5 when he becomes "married" to Gkar, though his fate has already been sealed by his past actions and this window of virtue is also far too short lived.
Yeah, that bummed me out. You really did see that he was a good guy and I so wanted him to stay that way.

(sorry to bring up yet another old thread. Last one, I promise. Probably.)
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