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Re: EpDis: A Voice In The Wilderness Part 1

Really, the best of it was seeing Draal find a place for himself just shy of leaving entirely. It feels alot like when Sinclair describes himself as having found his place, like the arrow that springs forth from the bow, no doubt, no hesitation. Draal's place with the great machine felt very similar.
It was kinda built to be similar, I think. Draal said that Varn chose to appear to him, Londo, and Sinclair because of their being so aquainted with the "3rd Principal of Sentient Life" -- the whole sacrificing oneself for another or others. Draal does it in going to the planet to take the position at the heart of the Great Machine, Sinclair does it in going back into the past to become Valen and take the Minbari Babylon 4 to help win in that struggle against the Shadows, and Londo does it in asking G'Kar to kill him to save Delenn and Sheridan.
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