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Re: EpDis: Legacies

Well the exchange was (as best my memory serves):

NEROON: He is warrior caste by right of his father.

DELENN: And religious caste by right of his mother; you know which takes precidence.

Now, given the structure of that exchange, I don't see the point in bringing up his parents if the argument is over which of the castes someone in Minbari society belongs to over the other. I take the exchange to be that Neroon is trying to say that because Bremmer's father was warrior caste, that Bremmer himself should be treated in death as one of the warrior caste is, but Delenn interjects saying that because Bremmer's mother was religious caste, with one's mother's side taking precidence, that Bremmer's death should be conducted under religious caste guidelines.
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