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Re: EpDis: Legacies

IIRC, this is also the episode where the teenage girl is found to be a telepath and everyone fights over her, telling us a lot about how various races and factions deal with teeps and intensifying the conflict between Ivanova and Talia. Pretty clever plot device, but the girl was annoying.

Sinclair beat Neroon because it was a grappling street fight, not a skill-match like Marcus with the pike, so the two aren't comparable.

The next interaction the two would have take place in a comic I haven't read and a novel I have read (To Dream in the City of Sorrows). In these stories Neroon is framing or persecuting or attacking Sinclair and basically giving him a hard time, so if those are canon, the hint of goodwill and respect between them that we see in this ep doesn't last.
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