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Re: EpDis: Eyes

I'm on the complete other side, I didn't like the motorbike bit much. I do like the main story though.

We get another hard hit to the story in the way of there being people back home that are exceptionally manipulative of the government (in this instance, PsyCorps). We get more of the arc of Sinclair having been picked at the behest of the Minbari much to the anger of many other Earthforce personel. And we get to see Harriman Gray; I love his character. I've always wanted to know more about what his character eventually goes through later in the timeline of the story. I don't know if jms has any idea or if he even cares to think about it, but I'd sure love to see more. Harriman wasn't kind of in the middle of the spectrum. If Bester's on one end and season five Lyta's on the other, Harriman's in the middle. Matheson from Crusade was a similar position.

I do think Ben Zayn was overplayed in several spots, but I do like an ass of a character coming in and trying to take over because he's so ego driven that he thinks he deserves it. Of course, he was really nothing if not being played by Bester.

So, despite a few things I see as not to my taste, I still really really like the episode.
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