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Re: EpDis: Grail

I kind of view this episode as the slower, dimmer little brother to A Late Delivery From Avalon.

The strengths of the episode are the concept of a true seeker, the concept behind Jinxo's alleged curse, and another great performance by David Warner (even though the material he's working with could be better). Also, wasn't this the episode where we get to see a Vree?

The weaknesses of the episode are the Nakaleen Feeder and the lack of believability that just anyone can obtain or replicate a Vorlon encounter suit. While the idea of a "true seeker" is intriguing and reassuring, looking for the grail on a space station robs the concept of a little credibility.

The sporadic thing in the episode is the performance of the actor plaing Jinxo. When he's quiet and sincere, he's likable, but when he's scared or excited, the bad acting is apparent.

Overall, I give the episode a C+.
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