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Re: EpDis: TKO

Yes, there are different styles, but as long as we're dealing with bipeds who are all really pretty close in size proportionally, they're not going to develop radically different fighting motions.
Unless you count "Drunken Master".

For all of it's cheese, including the cheesiest human/alien joint thumbs up scene between Garibaldi and Don Stroud's character, I've always liked it. It's probably because my expectations of B5 were not very high in the beginning, so I enjoyed the goofy white-blood-spewing action and Ivanova's jewish angst. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a Rocky IV immitation.

"You imbecile! They cheer for HIM!"


What I find even more funny about this episode was the fact that they got THEEEE most japanese sounding guy to play Mutah-do (was I even close?), the Mutai Leader.
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